Session Messenger Open and Closed groups list.
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For uptodate lists go to:

Session Messenger Open Groups :

Language & Country :

Politics & Anarchism :

For everyone:

Mostly For Developers :

Platform Specific Discussion :

Entertainment & Media :

Cryptocurreny :

Miscellaneous :

What are Session Open Groups? :

Open groups are Session group chat servers that can host many thousands of chat participants.

How to join an existing Session Open Group :

On Mobile (Android/iOS)

  1. Click on the "+" Button
  2. Click on the Globe Button
  3. Paste a link of your choice from the list above
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Done ✌️

On Desktop

  1. Click on "Join an open group"
  2. Follow the Mobile steps from 3
  3. Done 👍

How to create a Session Open Group :

  1. You need a VPS
  2. Follow the steps mentioned in this [Link] (
  3. Done 🚀

Note : Share your open group with the community if you want people to join. You can host more than one Open group (room) on a VPS

Contact :

If you want to add your open groups here,

  • Announce the group link in the Session General Chat, Any moderator will add it to this list
  • Create an issue on this gitea

The groups marked with [Offical] are run by Session team and are are also present as suggestions in the app itself. The rest of the groups are run by various community members.